Make Money for Your Organization!

Our fundraising program provides a custom product, ease in ordering, AND you keep the profits!

If you have ever wanted to offer your group:

  • custom printed shirts, hats, and hoodies promoting your group
  • an easy, reliable way to raise money
  • a fundraising campaign that works without you spending your time on the technology

We have the answer – a turnkey solution built for you!

“What if I told you that you could offer high-quality printed apparel to promote your group AND keep from $5 to $20 for every single item sold? You’d probably say when do we start, right? If you’ve used those print-on-demand companies, your profit is never this high!”


4-H Groups | Health Clubs | Schools | Youth sports | Parent Groups – PTO/PTA | Dog Groups | Neighborhood Associations | Foundations | Social causes | Races and challenges | Any non-profit organization

We call it “the easiest fundraising on Earth that people actually WANT to buy!”

No more selling chocolates or discount cards door to door. Use our advice, our web cart, and our premium printing to achieve your fundraising goals!

Zamar Screen Printing creates a step-by-step process to guide you through launching a profitable, fun “store” to sell custom printed T-shirts and more without giving you a headache and lots of leftover product sitting in a closet.

Create a custom fundraising site with your designs and your product selections!


  • It all starts with a conversation! We discuss who you are, fundraising you’ve done in the past, what kind of things your members and supporters like, and what your fundraising goals are.
  • Then, you select products (yes, we can advise), add a logo or artwork of your choice (we can help here, too!), add them to a web page WE create, and you are ready to go! We even give you advice on how to promote your fundraiser!
  • Orders start flowing in.  You collect all the money, we bill you for your part once the order closes and you keep the rest!
  • We manage delivery, sorted by order, to your location. We can also direct mail with added shipping to the orders.

What are you waiting for?
Request a customized fundraising site for your organization!

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