When times are uncertain, as they are now, it gives us all an opportunity to express our gratitude and humanity. Not only does it help others, it helps us feel good ourselves. While we should give back to our communities of choice based on a true desire to help, the fact remains that giving back is also a smart business strategy. Many individuals look for a company’s giving policy as an indicator that they are a good global citizen.

A particular area that could use assistance today may be families with school-aged children. It appears that many school districts will be not having kids in physical classrooms at all, or only a few days a week. As the beginning of the new school year approaches, and Covid statistics are rapidly changing differently in different states, local officials are now making policy decisions. The bottom line looks to be many kids doing school from home. If they are going into the classroom, teachers will have to be extra vigilant with safety protocols. Students will not be able to share supplies like they typically would.

What if your business, or your peer business owner group, or your power partners, teamed together to provide branded school supplies or hygiene supplies to schools and/or families? Particularly in areas that need extra assistance, the help would be appreciated, your name gets out in the world, and you are helping solve a problem.

What to give? How about some branded pencils with encouraging sayings or their school name on them? School sports teams may not be playing this season, but what if you teamed up with partners to print t-shirts anyway so the kids can feel some camaraderie from afar? Notebooks and notepads, along with regular paper, are needed in homes. Art supplies are also welcomed, either to give to students to use at home, or to be divided among students in the classroom.

Need ideas? We are happy to brainstorm with you.