We all know marketing is essential for business growth. A good way to share marketing costs and potential business leads is through co-branding and partnership marketing. What makes partnership marketing effective is finding another business with the same type of clientele. If the company is in a similar industry, all the better. Companies providing home services are great for marketing to the same audience. Also, companies providing professional services to businesses are often a good match.

Co-branding promotional products or sending multiple promotional items, each branded separately, can generate goodwill and new leads. A realtor and a mortgage broker could send out a tape measure and a flashlight. A landscaper and a contractor could send an outdoor thermometer and a packet of seeds. A multiple touch campaign is a smart way to capture attention. A CPA and a business attorney could partner, as well as an IT company with a business consultant.

Power partners in the form of fellow business owners give you increased spending power and visibility. Need brainstorming ideas? We are here to help!