Choosing a leads group to visit

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One way to effectively market your business is by joining a leads group. Now there are factors to consider when deciding whether or not a leads group is right for your business, but once you have decided that joining a leads group is right for your business, here are some easy steps to determine what group to select.

  1. Research what leads group organizations are in your area.  Find one in close proximity of your business.  You can find some of these leads groups on or  There are also some national networking groups such as BLA (Business Leads of America), BNI, Le Tip, I Take the Lead, and others within Chambers of Commerce.

  2. Determine if a Business to Business (B2B) or a Business to Consumer (B2C) leads group is best for you. If you have a B2B type of business, you may want to consider finding a B2B group.  However, some very good mixed B2B and B2C groups exist that have a good amount of B2B members.

  3. Before you go visit a leads group, you will want to do your research, so as not to waste your valuable time visiting leads groups that are not a good fit. You can find out much of this information by contacting the leads group President or Membership Chair and/or looking up the membership rosters online to see if members are prospective referral partners.  You will want to find one that has business members who are also marketing to your target market (called referral partners or power partners).

    When considering a group to visit ask the following:
    • How many members are active (have regular attendance) in the group?
    • What are the requirements/policies of the group?  Do they uphold a strict attendance policy (this is a sign of a good group).  Do they promote quality leads or quantity of leads? Groups promoting quality leads are often times more beneficial.
    • What is the turnover ratio of members?
    • What types of businesses are members of that chapter - to determine amount of potential referral partnerships.
    • When do they meet and does that work with your schedule?
    • Where are they located - is it in a good geographic area for your target market?

In our next article, we will discuss what to do once you have pre-screened several groups and are ready to visit.  As with any networking event you are considering, be professional.  Making a good first impression is important.  One way to make a good first impression as a professional and successful business is to have embroidered or screen printed apparel with your company logo and/or a professional name badge.  If you need ideas on corporate apparel or name badges, contact Zamar Screen Printing.

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