Part 2 - Grow Your Business with Exceptional Customer Service

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In our last blog we introduced article one in a series of three on how to increase sales through using these exceptional customer service tips. These tips have been provided by The VOICE Customer Service Training.

How does follow up impact sales?

Part of exceptional customer service is follow up on inquiries. It is a part many companies overlook when training their sales staff. Companies tend to focus sales training on sales techniques.

I was having a conversation with a friend who does a lot of advertising buying. When she calls the different advertising companies (be it newspaper, TV, radio, etc.) she often encounters a sales rep who is not very knowledgeable, helpful and rarely do they have good follow up skills.

When she asks for information she needs to make a buying decision, often times the ad reps do not send it and she has to remind them to send it. Or, the information she asked for is not sent, but other information is sent. Additionally, she rarely receives a follow up call from the rep after the information has been emailed.

She told me, when she experiences this kind of poor follow up and customer service, it does affect her decision to buy. However, when someone is on top of their game and has exceptional follow up, she is much more willing to do business with them.

So, here are a few follow up tips:

  1. Have a follow up plan for every type of call/email.
  2. Let the customer know what follow up to expect.
  3. Keep your promises in regards to follow up.
  4. Under promise and over deliver.  Promise what you know you can do, not what you hope you can do.
  5. Call back or get information to them when you said you will, even if you don't have an answer. Let the customer know you are still working on the situation and ask if you can call back at another time.
  6. Keep appointments and be on time. If you are going to be late, call as soon as you know you will be late. Give the customer as much notice as possible.
  7. Be creative with your follow up, especially if you are courting a new client. Send them a thank you card and clever/memorable promo item. It will make a lasting impression.

In our next blog, we will provide phone and voice mail etiquette tips.

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