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Screen Printed T-Shirts for Church Retreats

Men, women, and youth alike gather at church retreats to fellowship and sharpen each other every weekend. This year, have customized screen printed tshirts as a great reminder of a great weekend. Choose from a rainbow of tshirt colors at Zamar Screen...Read More

Screen Printing Special Effects

Looking for Special Effects on screen printed tshirts? Try a Gel Look, Glitter, Glow in the dark, Puff, Foil Imprints, or High Density (for high detail with clean raised edges) for a truly custom print on your tshirt! Zamar Screen Printing Inc. can s...Read More

School Fundraisers

Every year, parents and kids alike work on fundraising for their schools or clubs. This year, have custom tshirts printed up from Zamar Screen Printing Inc. and sell your tshirts to raise money. Our prices will enable you to efficiently get your mess...Read More

Screen Printed Tshirts for Schools

Here at Zamar Screen printing Inc., we screen print tshirts for anything imaginable! Have a club at school? Have a club tshirt printed for Drama, French, Spanish, National Honor Society, Student Council, FFA, D.E.C.A., Science, Yearbook Club or any o...Read More

Science Fair Screen Printed Tshirts

Does your school have cool science fairs? What a great way to motivate kids by giving them a custom screen printed tshirt for participating. You can order these from Zamar Screen Printing Inc. and we will help you with your design. ...Read More

Sports Team Screen Printed TShirts

Rally your team this year by ordering custom tshirts for everyone! Don't forget to order for mom and dad to wear during the game. Zamar Screen Printing Inc. has a rainbow of color tshirts that can be customized with your team's colors and logo. Order...Read More

Visiting a leads group and the vetting process

A friend of mine told me an interesting story about one of her worst visits to a leads group. She had done the pre-screening process and this group looked to be a great possibility, so she visited. When she got there, the person who invited her told...Read More

Choosing a leads group to visit

One way to effectively market your business is by joining a leads group. Now there are factors to consider when deciding whether or not a leads group is right for your business, but once you have decided that joining a leads group is right for your ...Read More

Is joining a leads group right for your business?

Over the years Zamar Screen Printing has been in leads groups on and off. It takes a big time investment, as well as a financial investment. So, you really have to start with the question, is joining a leads group right for my business? Here are s...Read More

Creating an Effective Elevator Commercial

Your elevator pitch is what you say to answer the question, "What do you do?" It should be 30 seconds or less and leave the person who asked the question intrigued and get them to ask follow up questions. An elevator pitch is much like a sales...Read More